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Driveways, a well maintained garden and eye-catching fencing are a great to enhance the overall appeal of your home. Boardway Tree & Ground Care is a leading driveway and fencing installation company in Lanark that offers top-quality and standard services at competitive prices.

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Transform your home exterior with few changes to enhance the overall look like by implementing fencing, roofing and color combinations, road markings and more. At Boardway Tree and Ground Care, we offer a broad range of services including fencing, road marking, driveway installation and more.

For more information, visit - https://www.boardway.co.uk/

Opt for Regular Tree Maintenance to Enhance Your Garden’s Look

Trees are tall and heavy- it is difficult to maintain and keep a check on these enormous species on regular basis. Thus, it is better to hire a tree surgeon who can undertake this daunting work on your behalf.


As we all are aware, trees are giant and can cause several damages in case you try to handle and maintain them on your own. To avoid personal injury and property damage, we recommend you to hire well-trained and professional tree surgeons to carry out all sorts of tree work. They specialise in tree care, pruning, felling and general maintenance, making things an absolute cinch for you!




There are several companies backed by expert tree surgeons. An established company offers tree work along with other services such as building driveways Central Scotland, road marking and so on. You should connect with a leading name to avail best tree works. Leading tree surgeons can cover several services- here’s the list of most sought-after tree services-


Tree pruning:


Perfect pruning of trees is one of the important tree works Lanark. Well-pruned trees look beautiful and stand out in difficult environmental situations.


Tree felling:


This is the common practice employed by tree surgeons which involve removing a tree by dismantling it. There are two ways to safely remove a tree-

  • Straight fell, which includes felling of a tree from the base, if space allows.
  • Section fell, in which different sections of the tree are felled to ensure the safety of the property.

Reduction and thinning:


Thinning involves removing the selected branches to reduce the crown density. On the other hand, reduction involves reducing the size of a tree in terms of its height and length, especially in the case where a tree outgrows its space.


Stump grinding:


Stump grinding services are used to effectively remove the entire tree stump from its place to use that place for a certain different purpose.


To avoid any damage to your property and harm to people, it is always advisable to call tree surgeons to check the trees and safely remove it in a controlled manner, in case of doubt. If you are searching for a highly qualified tree surgeon, contact Boardway Trees and Ground Care. They are the team of professional tree surgeons specialized in providing tree work in central Scotland. Besides tree works, they also offer other services like fencing Lanark, driveways construction etc.


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